Show Time!

While exploring Twitter, I came across the term “Fake Followers”!

Seriosly?! Why?

So I googled the term and the results blew my mind.

Check out this article:

“Fake Twitter followers: An easy game, but not worth the risk”

I must be naïve. I am still over the moon with a couple of followers.

A THOUSAND would be awesome… Heck it would mean that I am awesome… right!?

So I checked out who are the people who usually indulge in this farce. Turns out it’s not just wannabes, even celebrities and companies do this to make their brand appear more legit.

Here is a justification:

“Does Twitter following count matter?”

Want to know some more ways you can increase followers? WikiHow has the answer

“How to get more followers on Twitter”

As Bugs Bunny would put it

“Thaaaaat’s all folks…”

–          NG

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