Like or Yikes!

If you are reading this, I assume you have an account on some social networking site.

Have you ever blundered on the internet? I am sure; we have all had our embarrassing moments online. I want to explore one theory that leads us to post that mortifying image, comment or video – the desire to garner attention.

A lot of individuals and groups have risen to fame, accomplished goals and achieved success using the social media. Yet, an equal if not more, have tried to do the same with little or no success.

Some have even ended up getting into trouble or harming their careers.

Like this woman did on Facebook.

She was ranting about how mean her boss is, quite forgetting that he was on her friend list.


Coming back to the need for attention, people are willing to do anything for a few …. million views.

The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” — Oscar Wilde

However, prospective employers do not share Mr. Wilde’s opinion while hiring. Snooping around a potential employee’s online presence is quite the norm these days. In fact, for many jobs, having online presence is a plus. The professional world is still debating the ethics of snooping though.

Read the fierce debate here

I will not be self righteous and claim that a few likes and responses will not make a difference to me. We all prefer to be accepted, appreciated and acknowledged, so let us not be mean to those who have faked it a bit to get some attention.

Yet , I agree that there exists a thin line between the innovative and the obnoxious.

–          NG

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