The Speaking Screen!

Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Digg, Watsapp, Messenger, Google plus, Picasa…. I am exhausted just thinking about them. Each and every one of the above mentioned social platforms is a part of my life.

The magnitude of information that I receive from all these sources is overwhelming. I am hooked and for the life of me I cannot understand why?

I have been sleeping late because I am constantly online, wanting to know the latest updates. I am online last thing before I fall asleep and fist thing in the morning. The addiction has taught me a very very important aspect of social media – the need to be connected. “Connected to what?” I ask myself. My family and friends are right here in front of me. Yet I want to know what’s up with the rest of the world. I like interacting with virtual friends and strangers.

I have learned new social behavior which is probably not even relevant in the real world.

On the flip side, I have learnt self control. The need to stay connected was spinning out of control. I began to be disinterested in the happenings in my immediate surroundings unless I saw a report online. Do I really need to TEXT my door neighbor?

So I have decided to back off a bit. Get in touch with reality again because reality is what creates long lasting content for the virtual world. 


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